Armstrong Mens Trunks

Armstrong BriefPrice: $21.99 (USD) More colours

Blu Horizon Mens Briefs

Blu Horizon Sports BriefPrice: $20.99 (USD) More colours

Bumblebee W-Front Brief

Bumblebee W-Front BriefPrice: $21.99 (USD) More colours

Cairns Support Shorts

Cairns Support ShortsPrice: $20.99 (USD) More colours

Cairns W-Front Brief

Cairns W-Front BriefPrice: $20.99 (USD) More colours

Checker W-Front Brief

Checker W-Front BriefPrice: $20.99 (USD) More colours

Chuck Mens Briefs

Chuck Sports BriefPrice: $19.99 (USD) More colours

Commando Mens Briefs

Commando BriefPrice: $21.99 (USD) More colours

Cubey Mens Briefs

Cubey BriefPrice: $21.99 (USD) More colours

Grand Prix Mens Briefs

Grand Prix Sports BriefPrice: $21.99 (USD) More colours

Hitchcock Spots Mens Briefs

Hitchcock Spots BriefPrice: $20.99 (USD) More colours

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Mens Underwear Briefs

MensFit signature brief has been one of the most popular garments in the MensFit collection. The cut and fit is something that our customers love. We have combined minimalistic approaches to the designs but keeping this high on fashion.

Each brief design is uniquely created to ensure that comfort and style is combined with some of the best features such as super soft waist elastics, soft breathable fabrics and micro detailed technology. The MensFit brief is high on sophisticated and fashionable.